Intravenous and Intraosseous Therapy




This course presents all the core skills needed for healthcare practitioners to become familiar with intravenous and intraosseous therapy. It discusses the fundamental principles and competencies required to begin, maintain, and discontinue intravenous & intraosseous therapy. This course can be divided into two parts: intravenous therapy and intraosseous therapy. The intravenous therapy course aims to prepare practitioners for safe and effective administration of medications/fluids via the intravenous route. While the intraosseous therapy course prepares healthcare practitioners for use of IO access in emergent and nonemergent situations when IV access cannot otherwise be obtained, and when the patient might be at risk of increased morbidity or even mortality if access is not obtained.

The IO therapy course will provide an overview of current opinion and practice relating to intraosseous infusion in adult resuscitation in accident and emergency departments.